2013 Tokyo Program

2013 Tokyo Program

Wednesday, July 10: Day 2

Wednesday…Second Day

Another successful day in Tokyo! Today, we got to visit Waseda University’s main campus near Shinjuku. We spent our day sharing our Action Research with our new Waseda comrades and learning about the Action Research they are conducting. We exchanged ideas, received helpful feedback, and had our “kizuki” about how big of an impact culture has on our differences in learning and teaching. 

And this was only part of our adventure….

Our gracious hosts and new friends treated us to traditional Japanese cuisine throughout our day. For lunch we had another delicious, and this time very fancy, bento box. Rumor has it that we dined on the same bento boxes that are served at the Imperial Palace! For dinner, we dined on a variety of Japanese Cuisines at a traditional Japanese dinner table. We continued building our relationships with our new friends while they helped us learn about the fun things to do in Tokyo –aside from Action Research ;).

After another day of fun and learning with new friends, we are exhausted! We are all looking forward to a good nights sleep to prepare us for tomorrow’s adventures visiting Japanese Middle and Elementary Schools.

Until Tomorrow,

Kathleen and Melissa

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