2013 Tokyo Program

2013 Tokyo Program

Friday, July 12: Day 4

TGIF! Friday marked our first official opportunity to spend the day exploring Tokyo. However, that didn't mean we finally had a chance to sleep in a little bit. The morning was dedicated to a cultural tour of the city, and we had to meet in our hotel's lobby at 8 a.m. again! I was definitely running on adrenaline and caffeine by this point. Melissa did a wonderful job writing about the group tour, so please check out her post and pictures below!

After the tour ended in Asakusa, we split up into smaller groups, and I explored the city with Lauren and Lexi. We spent a few hours exploring Asakusa, buying trinkets at the stands that serve the throngs of tourists visiting the Sensoji/Asakusa Kannon Temple before walking a few blocks to Orange Street. We stumbled upon Stars Plaza in front of the Asakusa Public Hall. Like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the sidewalk here displays the handprints of famous Japanese performers. The three of us then found a fantastic little home goods shop where we all bought gifts -- such as dishware and nice chopsticks -- for family and friends. We ended our afternoon in Asakusa with a late lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

We then began our journey to Tokyo's famous Harajuku fashion district, which included a pit stop for dessert at a Hard Rock Cafe! Once we made it to the neighbrohood, we strolled down the crowded Takeshita Street (which is not pronounced how it looks!). Although we were surrounded by fun and trendy boutiques, we spent most of our time in Daiso Harajuku, a multilevel 100 yen shop -- or Japan's version of a dollar store. This place is AMAZING. I bought a ton of fun souvenirs here ranging from Hello Kitty chopsticks to stationary to tea!

Although we were exhausted after a day of sightseeing and shopping, we joined Dr. Inoue and his wife, Masami, at a small cafe near the hotel for an informal conversation about our adventures  ... and some wine! Even though we were exhausted, Lexi, Lauren, and I were also starving, so we stopped by a noodle house where we tried tsukemen -- or dipping noodles -- for the first time. The noodles and soup are served in separate bowls, and once you wrangle some noodles with your chopsticks, you dip them into the broth and chow down. With aching feet and full stomachs, we finally journeyed back to the hotel and passed out. We definitely had a fun and memorable day!


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