2013 Tokyo Program

2013 Tokyo Program

Thursday, July 11: Day 3

My dearest readers,

Wow what another great day!!  It was the hottest day Tokyo had seen in years. After a long, sweaty, hot walk we finally arrived at Tokorozawa Middle School.  When we first arrived at the school we took off our shoes and put on blue slippers.  What a great idea.  The slippers cut down on dirt entering the school.

 I think we all had a great time visiting. It was wonderful to see all the great programs the school has to offer. The principal was extremely welcoming. Our next school tour was at Meiho Elementary School. Like Lauren said, I think we were all a little nervous to teach the 6th graders. After our kinesthetic lesson, we were able to watch our students serve lunch, then eat with them. It was a great experience!

Next, we were off to find our own way home.  I was a little nervous we would get lost, but we followed the leader and we made back safely without getting lost.

We stopped at the hotel to freshen up then we were off to explore. We had a great first night out. We found a restaurant near Mori Tower. Then it was off to bed.


P.S.: Note to self, next time I’m in Tokyo during a heat wave, bring a sweat cloth J

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